Turn-Key Services

We have helped numerous investors find just the right property here in okc and go through the entire process from purchase to placing a tenant, most of the time without them even setting foot in OKC.

Step 1 – Establish goals

We will pair you with one of our full time Agent/Property Managers. They will set up a time to discuss with you your goals, long term plans and expectations as you start looking to invest in OKC!

Step 2 – Review properties / Make offers

Our agent will start sending you potential listings that fit your criteria. They will work with you to fine tune what you are looking for and also help you submit offers. We have access to all on market and many many off market listings as well. Our Agent/PM’s can also give you insider info on how much you can expect for rent on your new property.

Step 3 – Assess property

Once you have a property under contract our team will help you with having a full inspection done on the property. Our team will also help get a full rehab/make ready estimate together so you can know what will be needed to get the home rent ready.

Step 4 – Close on property

Our Agent can connect you with a lender if needed and also help you through the full closing process. You will not even need to be in town to complete the transaction.

Step 5 – Rent Ready

After closing our vendors will get started right away to get the home ready for rent ASAP. We can handle everything from starting utilities, remodeling the property, We will keep you updated as things progress and will also list the home as “coming soon” right away.

Step 6 – Place Tenant

We will start screening and selecting a tenant right away! We will show the home as soon as it is rent ready and get things moving as quickly as possible

Step 7 – Collect Rent

Once the tenant is in place we will start the lease and begin collecting rent.