Tenant Benefits Package

The Tenant Benefits Packace (TBP) was designed to provide protection and convenience to our tenants. It also saves them time and money as well. These benefits and services cost money but we have worked hard to keep the cost as low as possible to our tenants. The Benefits Package will be billed on a monthly basis .

Payment, Insurance and Service Benefits

Multiple Payment Options: Pay rent online through a dedicated tenant portal, In person at our secure office drop box or with cash at a local CVS using PayNearMe payment service. Payments can be made with cash, check or credit card/debit card.

Utility Assistance: free service to help initiate utilities and cable/internet access for your home. Citizens Home Solutions or call them at 877-528-3824

Tenant Portal: Access for online payments, electronic statements and maintenance requests.

Credit Reporting: Positive credit reporting for on time rental payments to increase your credit score.

Maintenance Hotline: 24/7 maintenance hotline to reach a live person after hours for maintenance issues and emergencies as well as texting to our integrated property manager text line at 251-577-4036

Self Move In – Remote move in and inspections during lease to limit in person interactions.

Free AC filters delivered to your residence.

Renters Insurance: Your online portal will give you the option to purchase renters insurance at any time during your lease or upload your current renters insurance information. It is your option to purchase coverage through Roost Insurance or the Landlord Liability Policy that is integrated with your tenant portal or provide your own information on the coverage you already have. Renters insurance is required on all leases if you do not provide proof of renters insurance you will be signed up for the Landlord Liability Policy at a total cost of $12.50 per month. We highly recommend you sign up with Roost Insurance or a similar plan.

-Integrity Oklahoma is not a licensed insurance broker. Please refer to the insurance policy for coverage information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out of the Tenant Benefits Package? Tenants can provide proof of equivalent coverage to the Insurance benefit to opt out of the tenant insurance package portion of the package but cannot opt out of the benefits portion unless they are a section 8 tenant. Tenants that opt out and provide their own insurance must keep their insurance in force the entire time they are in the proeprty

How much does the package cost? The cost without insurance is $13 per month which will be outlined on your tenant ledger each month. The cost for the insurance portion is generally around $12 to $25 per month for a total of $25 to $39 for both the TBP and Insurance typically but will depend on your coverage selected.

What if I am low income or on Section 8? Households that can provide proof of being on government assistance or below the federal poverty line can opt out of the Tenant Benefits Package. They will still be required to provide proof of insurance that meets our minimum requirements prior to leasing a home.